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[Texte] (EN) Redemption

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[Texte] (EN) Redemption Empty [Texte] (EN) Redemption

Message par Max Bass Lun 3 Oct - 21:51

Bonjours, je viens vous présenter un texte que j'ai écris récemment en Anglais. Au niveau grammatical pas grand chose a redire, peut etre au niveau des metres de certains vers, mais bon, je paufine en attendant de pouvoir l'enregistrer.

Lately I've been hard to understand,
I have changed, without a single sign,
My life become an ache,
My pain still hash my brain,
And my heart is gone away,
But I understand what I made you,
I understand what you were going through,
And now I understand why, I can't even support it,
And I understand why you are all making my heart bleeding.

(Verse 1)
I keep on trying to apologize,
For many blames and lies,
There's nothing else to say,
My soul is a dark place to stay,
Before I start my self destruction,
Everything was under caution,
And believe me, I've paid the cost,
Happiness and madness are two different coast,
I can't take my lyrics back,
I can't say that it was just tracks,
It was my thought, my fate,
My love and specially my hate,
I was supposed to be life-proof,
But I've got some many things to prove,
And nothing-less back to loose,
I'm proud of the way I choose,
But not of the sacrifices it cost,
I've lost everything I loved the most,
I want to see what is a fairy tail,
Where there is peaceful story to tell,
Where my minds are not hell,
Today I live every day,
Like if today was my last day,
And tomorrow was to late,
All I know right now it's the same pain,
The same happiness drain,
The same future with the same rain,
The same pictures with the same flame,
The same reflect with the same shame,
The same broken mirror,
And the same f**king vision of terror,

Do you hear me through the night,
Do you see what I become,
I'm missing you right there on my own,
Without you the earth is depeopled,
My dreams are empty of ya,
And my face is full of tears,
This is my Redemption, so please forgive me.

(Verse 2)
You can break me down,
but you can't take my pride,
I'm a soldier of the Dead-Dawn,
A living dead with so much anger hide,
I'm a soul tight, flying in the night,
Ready to face every fights,
A life for inspiration,
A flow for expression,
Forgiveness for mission,
My lyrics make the angels cries,
My minds make the Devil die,
My reflect makes the mirror break up,
My own experience makes me grow up,
I've faced the triple 6, the triple 9,
Now I'm waiting for the 2012 time,
Just to be the last one standing,
The last one who will be pretending,
That the life was good,
Only in a good mood,
That people can change,
And that the life is not so strange,
I'm not ready for the funerals yet,
I don't want to to hang in box cold and wet,
The only tears that you drop on a grave,
Are those things, unsaid,
And the things that you haven't made,
Everyday life is a graduation,
My mission Is called holy peace redemption.


(Verse 3)
Love sick, heartbroken,
You let that door open,
No chances to escape,
I'm making my life tape,
Behind the good and the evil,
I'm in detention,
No more hope, it's a deception,
It will ending up in front of the dark hall,
I know that my forgiveness is behind the wall,
I climb montains to take my life back,
And I will rule the world with my tracks,
Nothing can stop me now,
Look at my grade, and yell wow,
My pen in the right hand,
I write like I get closer to the end,
Running till I reach the finish line,
I'm playing with the gold mine,
Empty, Destroyed, Lonely,
You're the only one Kelly,
Round my hometown, memories are fresh,
Round my own world, cuts are fresh.

(Chorus) x2

(End Bridge)
Keep holding on,
Never hide your face,
Always give back up,
Be proud of who you are,
And be proud of the way you choose,
And never got regrets.

Dites moi ce que vous en pensez et si vous avez des questions ou problemes de traduction, je suis tout ouie

Max Bass

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